Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How To Sell Fitness In February

Many health club owners are struggling to find ways to sell gym memberships in this down economy. Right now we need inexpensive but effective ways for marketing our gym!

If you haven't read our article on innovative gym marketing ideas for February yet, we highly recommend you do so by clicking here. In this article we explain the 'love letter' technique and how you can bring in new fitness center members for just the cost of one stamp!

Here's another great gym marketing concept: One of the best advertising methods out there is to make a one-time investment that will put your message in front of the public for a long time. Compare this to newspaper, radio or television advertising where you make a significant investment for a short-term payoff. In other words, for your advertising dollar you get a one-time ad that is seen only once. A perfect example is the newspaper ad. After all, how many people keep a newspaper and read it over and over again? Additionally, how many people pass their newspaper on to others for them to read? Not many!

The same thing goes for television and radio ads. You pay for each one-time ad, and once it's's over.

Compare these costly one-time health club marketing ideas to something inexpensive like distributing free bumper stickers for your gym.

A well-designed bumper sticker is a highly effective, yet 'cheap', way to get your message in front of THOUSANDS of people. Even better, a bumper sticker will keep telling your message for months, or even years, for just a few pennies!

The key to success is that you need a bumper sticker your health club members will actually put on their car. For that to happen, it has to be either funny or eye-catching in some other way.

To create the best bumper sticker, the team at recommends hosting a contest! Announce that you're going to be creating bumper stickers for your gym, and that you're accepting entries throughout the month. As the bumper sticker design entries are submitted, hang them up on the wall in the gym. This will create excitement, and generate more entries.

At the end of the month, have your members vote on their favorite. You want to award a small prize for the winning entry, like maybe one month free membership or a logo t-shirt.

Then go ahead and order the bumper stickers. For the best price and quality, we recommend Sticker Printing at PsPrint - Decals & Bumper Stickers

Once you have the custom bumper stickers you've ordered, then you need to decide how you're going to distribute them. You basically have three options here: you can sell them (for $1 each, probably), you can give them away for free, or you can give your members something free if they put one on their car.

Obviously, this is an important decision that you will need to carefully consider. If you sell your bumper stickers, then the odds are good that you aren't going to get very many put on vehicles. You will, however, earn back most (if not all) of what you spent to have them printed.

If you give your custom bumper stickers away for free, then you'll get more out in the public but you'll have no revenue (other than the free advertising!).

Finally, to achieve the highest distribution of bumper stickers and really get your message out there quickly, you can provide an incentive for members to put one on their car. We recommend that you take this approach, and really bring it to the next level by offering a one-month free membership GIFT CERTIFICATE for each member that puts your bumper sticker on their car.

In other words, when a health club member puts one of your custom bumper stickers on their car they will receive a one-month free membership gift certificate that they can then give to a friend. This method costs you nothing, has perceived value to the existing member, and the end result is that the gift certificate is going to bring in a non-member that you can invite to join the gym! It's a win-win situation! As payment for advertising for you with a bumper sticker, each health club member is going to be "allowed" to bring in a new member! It just doesn't get any better than that!

As previously stated, a funny bumper sticker will be FAR more popular than one with just your logo and phone number. That's why we recommend the design contest so you can get a lot of ideas for free. In the meantime, here are a few examples of funny bumper stickers that you're welcome to use with our permission:
"I left my fat behind at ABC Gym!"
"Actually weigh what your drivers license says. ABC Gym."
"Don't weight another day! Join ABC Gym!"
"The weight is over! Join ABC Gym today!"

Health club marketing doesn't have to break the bank, and with just a little imagination you can have a successful 2009!

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