Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two things today: Did you notice that 24-Hour Fitness is now offering a $0 initiation fee? That's very unlike them, and it's a sure indicator of the current economic climate.

Check it out here: $0 Initiation fee on any monthly payment membership at 24 Hour Fitness. Use promo code AMT3UB2AXI. Valid through 5/31/09.

What can we learn from this promotion? First, we can learn that even the "big boys" are hurting right now for new gym memberships. Second, we can learn that as smaller health club owners we really need to crank up our promotions if we're going to bring in new members!

Let's face it, customers are looking for VALUE right now. Are you offering VALUE with your current fitness center promotions and advertising? Have you cut prices as low as you can? Perhaps you should.....

Many of you are familiar with Anytime Fitness, the franchise based out of Hastings, MN. They are currently promoting the opening of their 1,000th health club. Although there's no mention of "value specials" on their website, we've received reports that individual gyms are offering $0 enrollment + 1st month free + 3 months free tanning. That's value!

Here's the question, though: Do you think Anytime Fitness is dramatically lowering prices because sales are great? Or, on the other hand, do you think they're lowering prices because sales are lackluster at best?

We want to hear about what you're doing to bring in new gym members! Share your wisdom with others, and learn what other circuit training gym owners are doing to boost sales right now. Leave a comment (the link to do so is below).

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