Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hydroxycut Reviews and Side Effects

Just in case you haven't seen the news lately, Hydroxycut reviews and side effects are on every newspaper page and on every channel. Hydroxycut is a popular line of weight loss and energy enhancement products. In addition to holding a vast share of the consumer weight loss market, Hydroxycut supplements are also popular among athletes, particularly bodybuilders looking to sharpen the appearance of their muscles.

Turns out that Hydroxycut isn't as safe as we were led to believe, and it has been recalled by the USFDA. The Food and Drug Administration is urging consumers to discontinue the use of Hydroxycut products as they have been associated with a number of serious liver injuries. The FDA said it has received 23 reports of serious liver injuries linked to Hydroxycut products, which are also used as energy enhancers and as fat burners.

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What does the Hydroxycut recall have to do with us as gym owners?

It's simple, really.

This recent news event just provides us with even MORE proof that there is no 'magic' weight loss pill. There is no fountain of youth!

This recent news event also proves (once again) that the ONLY safe way to achieve weight loss goals for life is through regular and consistent exercise!

How do you turn this knowledge into action? How do you use this news story about Hydroxycut to generate more sales and more clients?

First of all, you need to create an ORIGINAL article detailing exactly why there is no shortcut to true fitness. YOU know the facts, but you will generate zero sales if you don't pass those facts out to the public. Write a great article, and make sure you specify exactly why the so-called 'magic' weight loss pills only lead to failure. Then, in the same article, detail exactly why EXERCISE is the only way to SAFELY and PERMANENTLY lose weight.

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After you've written a great article, then you need to get that article published in the local newspaper. If you're a real publicity genius, you'll also get some exposure on the local television stations as well as on the local radio stations!

Just think of all the FREE advertising and publicity you can gain from this Hydroxycut reviews and side effects story! By writing an original article about a big national news story, you'll be setting yourself up as a local expert. Even better, because Hydroxycut is a hot topic right now, you're almost sure to get the local media to run your article!

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Taking a national story, like this one about Hydroxycut, and using it to gain new clients is just good business sense. It's also a great way to really help people find the true answer to the weight loss puzzle.

In other words, health club owners can use this Hydroxycut story to boost sales and profits, while at the same time helping people SAFELY achieve their weight loss goals.

The opportunity is there. Will you take it?

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