Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back To School Gym Membership Sales

Health club owners, it's now officially back to school time and if you put in the effort this can be a GREAT time for gym membership sales! If fact, many circuit training health clubs report that back to school gym membership sales are second only to the annual New Year Resolution event.

Need some ideas on how to capture sales during August?

Check out our free articles titled How To Sell Gym Memberships In August and Back To School Health Club Marketing.

Besides just marketing to potential gym members, this is also a good time of year to earn some free publicity. For example, you could write a short article about local physical education (PE) classes and how childhood obesity rates are climbing locally. Submit this article to the media outlets in your town (newspaper, radio and television) and there's a very good chance one of them will run the story. The newspaper will include a tagline at the end of the story, telling people about you and your health club. Perhaps the television station will even come out to your gym to do an interview. Either way, you get free publicity and create the impression that you're the local expert in the health and fitness field.

For a good example of an article you could submit to the local media, check out Is Your Kid's Lunch A Nutritional Time Bomb?

There's no doubt that back to school gym membership sales have the potential to be fantastic. With some planning and effort, you can have a great sales month!

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