Thursday, September 8, 2011

Using A Sign Spinner As A Health Club Marketing Plan

You've seen them before - that guy (or gal) standing on the street corner holding a sign that's advertising a local business. Typically, the sign has a message that is very short and easy to read. For example, signs we've seen recently simply include the name of the business and an arrow pointing towards that business.

While the traditional 'sign stuck in the grass' is a mainstay of American marketing, this new technique takes it up a notch. The sign-holder usually spins the sign, waves it around, jumps up and down, dances, or does just about anything to get attention. After all, that's the name of the game: to get attention.

A local tax prep company is well-known by their sign spinner. Each year, starting in February, they dress somebody up in a Statue of Liberty costume and have them walk up and down in front of the store holding a sign for their business.

More than one local pizza company, during 5 pm rush hour, has a sign spinner that stands out of front of the store holding a sign.

We've even seen a local personal trainer take it up a notch. When he doesn't have any clients or appointments, he jumps rope out in front of his shop. Does it look corny? Kind of, but it sure gets your attention and practically forces you to notice his business!

Probably the best sign spinner we've ever seen is from the local bread company. This guy was dressed in (we're not kidding) a slice of bread costume. He was holding a sign that said the name of the company and had a yellow arrow pointing the way to the building.

What makes the bread-guy sign spinner so awesome, though, is his attitude. Sure, he could be self-conscious about this slice of bread costume. He could just stand there and be bored. But he was dancing, doing some karate moves, doing the 'robot' and just basically having a ball. Cars were honking, people were smiling, and cell phones were being pulled out for pictures. The slice of bread sign spinner was having fun but more importantly IT WAS A HUGE WIN FOR THE BUSINESS THAT HIRED HIM.

Think that using a sign spinner as a health club marketing plan is too 'small time' for you? Think it doesn't portray your business in a flattering light?

Think again.

Sign spinning as a marketing plan is well established. Entrepreneur magazine recently did a huge article on this topic. Aarow Advertising will earn $4 million this year doing sign spinning ads for their clients. Huge companies like Pepsi, McDonald's and Staples all use sign spinners, as do countless mom-and-pop stores nationwide.

As a gym owner, part of your health club marketing plan should include a sign spinner. Even if you don't hire a person just for that task, you can still have your existing staff go outside during slow times and spin the sign. You certainly don't need a costume, but at the very least the sign spinner should be wearing a gym t-shirt.

To be a successful sign spinner, the key is to HAVE FUN. Watching a self-conscious sign spinner is just painful, but watching an outgoing and impulsive sign spinner is fun! Check out this YouTube video for some helpful hints on how to be a sign spinner. Here's another good video example.

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