Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marketing Ideas For Health Clubs In December

Well, it's December already and for gym owners that brings a great opportunity for SALES. If you need some marketing ideas for health clubs then search no more because you've found!

Click here to read our 100% original (and FREE) article titled How To Sell Gym Memberships In December. In this article you'll learn six specific sales ideas you may not have considered before.

You'll also want to check out two more FREE articles that are literally chock-full of marketing ideas for health clubs:
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Don't forget that we also sell a wide variety of change stations CD's for circuit training health clubs. After all, that's how we can afford to research and post so much free content for gym owners! Anyway, one of our most popular circuit training timer CD's is titled Holiday Voice Cues and you can order it here.

Here's the description for Holiday Voice Cues: "This cue CD is a specialty item created by circuit training veterans in Canada. Features the voices of Santa, the St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun, and the Easter Bunny. All voiceover cues are in both 30 and 45-second format, and it's all on one single CD for your convenience! This is really just like getting six (6) cue CD's in one, because you get three different tracks of the three different voices, and you also get those different voices in both 30 and 45-second formats! Includes a 10-second heart rate check."

Hopefully those resources will give you enough marketing ideas for health clubs in December. Just for something fun, we'd also like to give you this link to a Funny Christmas Poem About Dieting titled I Saw Mommy Punching Santa Claus. Feel free to print it out and hang it up in the gym. It's hilarious!

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