Sunday, September 30, 2012

How To Sell More Gym Memberships This October

Tomorrow is October 1, and like most gym owners or health club managers you're probably wondering how to sell more gym memberships this month. After all, the big boom of holiday sales won't begin for at least a month. People aren't thinking about squeezing into that holiday dress yet, and gift certificates as last-minute stocking stuffers won't sell until late December.

But there is some good news!  October is literally PACKED with awesome opportunities for health club advertising! As a matter of fact, there are so many great marketing ideas for gyms in October that we had to categorize them into nine different sections! You can read all about it.....for FREE.....c
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Yet another GREAT example of how you can sell more gym memberships this month is by issuing a press release to the local media. Write up a short article on the topic of Halloween candy. You could call it "Halloween Candy Calories Add Up To One Scary Story" or maybe "10 Ways To Lose Weight This Halloween". Make it short, concise, and catchy.

Then, when the local newspaper prints the article, they'll include a short promotional blurb about your gym. It's sometimes called an author's box, and it basically lists your qualifications and contact information. If you can, you should mention that you're offering a limited-time Halloween promotion. For example, you could trade 5 pieces of Halloween candy for free 1-week pass.

Print up this article and distribute it in the health club, too. Email it out to gym members. Get it out there as much as possible, simply because it's free advertising for you! For a sample article you can use to get you started, click here.

Now get out there and sell some more gym memberships this October!

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