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How To Get FREE Advertising (No Kidding!) Part 2

By now many of you have read "How To Get FREE Advertising (No Kidding!) Part 1", so you are aware that we really know what we're talking about. If you've haven't yet read that article, click here to check it out now:

In Part 1 we did a great job of letting you know how to get FREE advertising once each year (when the Entertainment Book is published).

Now in Part 2 we are going to explain how you can set up a SYSTEM where you can not only advertise for FREE each and every month, but in addition we're also going to explain how you can ACTUALLY GET PAID to have your own health club advertising distributed!

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Without further ado, here's exactly how you can get your gym advertising distributed not only for FREE, but also how you can actually GET PAID to advertise your own health club!

Okay, first it's important that you implement step #1: You need to set up a fundraiser for non-profit organizations. This may not seem like it has much to do with advertising, but rest assured, it most certainly does!

With this fundraiser, you will offer non-profit groups the opportunity to earn money for distributing your brochures and/or coupons. This is best accomplished by the tried-and-true door hanger method.

Although door hangers take longer to disburse than windshield-talkers or direct mail, they are also a very effective way to advertise your gym. Door hangers are very similar to direct mail in that they get the advertising message in front of each household in a neighborhood. The advantage to door hangers is that you can ‘blanket’ a community for just a few pennies per house. The disadvantage is that door hangers are very time-consuming to distribute.

The most effective door hanger will be double-sided, with the ‘hook’ on one side and additional information on the other. The side that is facing away from the house (what the occupant will see first when they get home) should have the ‘hook’, which is a coupon or other offer. Remember to include an expiration date for that sense of urgency! The ‘hook’ side of the door hanger shouldn’t have a lot of words, but should be designed to catch the eye of the consumer. The people that are interested in the offer will be able to turn the door hanger over and read the detailed information on the back.

There are companies that will print door hangers for you, and there are companies that will distribute them for you. To save expense, however, it is recommended that you begin by printing and passing out your own. Double-sided photocopies are all you need for the first run; cut them in half and start walking! Carrying a roll of Scotch tape will allow you to secure each door hanger to a door or window. At 8 cents per double-sided copy, you can cover the neighborhoods for only 4 cents per household. You can expect to distribute about 100 door hangers per hour.

As a fitness center owner, you may find that your time is too limited to go walking door-to-door. This is where the non-profit organization comes in. We highly recommend that you 'hire' a non-profit to distribute door hangers for you. A word of caution about hiring people to pass out door hangers: use a reputable organization whenever possible! Hiring some kids off the street not only raises liability issues, but you have no assurance that they’re actually going to do the work. It’s a lot easier to throw the stack in the trash and go watch a movie.

The best way to guarantee that the non-profit you’ve hired is working hard is to build in an incentive. When printing your door hangers, use several different colors of paper. Give blue door hangers to non-profit group A, yellow door hangers to non-profit group B, and so on. By doing this you will be able to track which groups are getting results, because when the door hanger coupon is redeemed the color will indicate which non-profit distributed it.

Tell the organizations that they will get paid 6 cents for distributing door hangers for you + a $10 bonus for each person that joins using one of 'their' door hangers! (Remember, each door hanger will include a coupon that has to be brought in to the gym to be redeemed.) Talk about incentive! With this simple offer you’ve motivated them to not only hit every house, but also to do it quickly so they can get all of their door hangers out.

The team recommends that you pay the non-profit group 6 cents per flyer distributed, which works out to about $6 per hour. In addition, you will pay them a $10 bonus for each person that joins your health club using a flyer (coupon) they have distributed. The benefits of this arrangement are obvious. You get your advertisement in every household for only 12 cents each, which is an absolute STEAL compared to direct mail! Additionally, you don’t pay the bonus if you don’t get the results. To the non-profit, the appeal is that they have a guaranteed return of $6 per hour. If they achieve a 1% return from the ads they’re distributing, then they get paid $16 per hour! A 2% return on their ads will pay them $26 per hour! It’s a win-win situation! The non-profit immediately perceives that there’s no limit to their earnings, and no limit to your membership results!

To get non-profit organizations involved in this project, simply send them a letter like this:

ABC Health Club is looking for a group that is interested in distributing our flyers door-to-door. We will provide all the materials, and all you have to do is walk through the surrounding neighborhoods and put one door hanger on each house. You set your own hours. You set your own days. What a GREAT way to get some extra exercise and raise some much-needed funds!

If your non-profit group is up to this challenge, you'll be paid a set amount for each flyer distributed plus a bonus! The current rate is 6 cents per door-hanger that is distributed + $10 for each new gym member that joins using one of the door-hanger coupons you distributed.

Experience has shown that non-profit organizations can earn about $6.00 per person, per hour as a base rate. If your group experiences a 1% return rate on the coupons you distribute, then you'll be earning $16 per person per hour. A 2% return rate will bring
your group $26 per person per hour……and so on.

At ABC Health Club, we want to help your non-profit raise funds without having to spend a lot of money in inventory. That's why our fund-raiser doesn't require any investment at all!

This door-hanger project is limited to just a few organizations at a be sure to call ABC Health Club today for more details. This is one opportunity that won't hang around for long!

Okay, now you've laid the groundwork to get FREE advertising and possibly even GET PAID to distribute your own gym advertising.

Now we're on to the next step.....

Since you're already paying a non-profit group to walk door-to-door and distribute SOMETHING, you need to ask yourself why they should only be distributing your one piece of fitness center advertising.

Why couldn't they distribute more than one marketing piece at a time?

The answer is that they can, and most certainly will, distribute more than one door hanger for the same 6 cents per house. After all, their workload is the same whether they're distributing information for one or five businesses!

The strategy now is to approach a few businesses that are similar to your own and see if they're interested in advertising locally for FAR LESS MONEY than they'd spend on postage. Have these businesses provide their own door hangers and pay you 6 cents per item distributed. That's not a bad deal! How else are they going to get something on the door of local homes for a fraction of postage expenses?

If you get just one business to give you door hangers to distribute locally, then you've basically saved 100% of the distribution costs of your own door hangers.

If you get two businesses to give you door hangers to distribute locally, then you're actually going to be GETTING PAID to advertise your own health club!

By approaching businesses that are similar to your own (companies that cater to the same customer you do) you'll also be able to form other partnerships with them as well. For example, you could run a cross-promotion with them where you display your brochures and they display yours in their building. This is called cooperative advertising.

(Opportunities in cooperative advertising are virtually endless, and if you're interested in more of these ideas we highly recommend that you purchase our Gym Sales Manual, which you can find here:

Another idea is to approach businesses that are in the same strip-mall as your gym. You could create a one-page, double-sided advertisement that contains smaller ads for all the companies in your local strip-mall. The overall theme would be inviting the local customer to the local strip-mall. You charge the other firms 6 cents per household + their portion of the photocopies. The other businesses win because they're getting their message on local doors for very little money, and you win because you're organizing the entire thing. You're getting your health club advertisement out on local doors not only for FREE, but you're actually GETTING PAID to do so!

Now, think about the possibilities for just a minute. If you organize one of these non-profit fundraisers and include some other local businesses, you'll actually GET PAID to advertise your health club. You can repeat thsi process several times annually to generate even more income!

If you're really on your toes as a health club owner, you can even issue a press release about how you helped raise money for the non-profit, which will generate even more FREE advertising and publicity for your gym!

The bottom line is that this strategy is a win-win situation for the non-profit, other local business owners, and especially for you.

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