Friday, May 2, 2008

Mother's Day In 2008

Is it possible to honor motherhood while at the same time enrolling lots of lots of new health club members?


One secret is to sell gift certificates as Mother's Day gifts so that you'll boost sales immediately. Be sure to get a sign outside the health club stating that you offer gift certificates for Mother's Day. You will want to post some signs inside the gym too, perhaps even offering existing members a discount on any gift certificates they purchase prior to Mother's Day.

Since Mother's Day in 2008 is fast approaching, the success of the Mother/Daughter/Grandmother advertisement cannot be forgotten either. Although this promotion is typically reserved for Mother’s Day or Grandparent’s Day, many gym owners use it any time during the year. There are many variations on this type of referral contest, but the most successful seems to be that if an existing member refers their mother, daughter or grandmother, then they both receive one free month.

Yet another tactic to increase fitness center sales is to invite a mother/daughter combination to give Mother's Day presents to each other. In other words, you could invite them to "Give The Gift Of Good Health" this Mother's Day! When mom & daughter join together they pay only one registration fee!

Take a quick look back at Mother's Day 2007 results. How many new members did you enroll? How many gift certificates did you sell? Write down those results, because those are your targets to beat for Mother's Day in 2008! Happy selling!

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