Friday, July 18, 2008

Weight Loss Camp Rocks Memberships?

The typical health club management staff is always seeking ways to increase the numbers. Marketing jobs and marketing magazines alike have been created for the sole purpose of bring new members to gyms aound the country.

The folks at Curves, however, think they may have accomplished a fitness first by bringing in hordes of new paying members with a weight loss camp.

Camp Curves is a six-week program filled with arts, crafts, games and workouts - all designed to encourage weight loss and implement a fitness routine into your life. Interested mothers and daughters can begin the program at any time.

At this point all we know is that only select Curves fitness centers are participating in this program. It may very well be that this is a small-scale test, since we could not find any information about this camp on the Curves for Women website.

One thing is for sure, however. If the Curves community is testing the weight loss camp concept, then we haven't heard the end of this concept!

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