Friday, July 25, 2008

Your Logo Works 9 Times Out Of 10

It may be that your logo works 9 times out of 10, but it also may be true that your logo isn't doing you any favors! Do you know how the public perceives your gym logo?

For the health club owner, your logo is the cornerstone of your business identity. It will appear on your signs, business cards, stationery, T-shirts, ads, and other promotional materials. In short, it's critical to your gym to have a professional, memorable logo that accurately reflects you and your fitness center.

At the same time, most health club owners are running on a tight budget.

So you need a fantastic logo for a low price.

The team has three possible solutions to this problem. We’ll present them in order from best to worst.

First of all, you should consider hiring a low-cost professional logo creation agency. According to the Graphic Artists Guild you'll pay $2,000 to $10,000 for a corporate logo at a traditional design firm. That’s far too expensive for most gyms.

By going with a discount professional, however, you can get a company logo for much less! For example, Logoworks offers a complete corporate logo for only $299.

At Logoworks, their mission is to make fitness centers look great. They do this by providing small businesses with graphic design services that inspire you and enable you to emotionally connect with your customers. That's why over 45,000 clients have chosen Logoworks to design their logo. Logoworks is one of the largest logo design firms in the world. They’ve created a unique business model designed to eliminate the hassles and uncertainty of traditional logo design. Customers appreciate their streamlined, simplified process, talented designers, and personal service.

Logoworks has an outstanding satisfaction rate. They have a 98 percent satisfaction rate from customers spanning 70 countries. You can check them out here:

LOGO DESIGN - Get a professional logo at LogoWorks

To get the discount at LogoWorks just click on the link below:

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You may also want to check out these other options for professional logo design:

Logo Design Just $149

Create your logo for only $19 Dollars

The best alternative for most health clubs is to have a discount professional handle their logo creation. They’ll do a good job while charging MUCH less than a traditional design firm. Even if you already have a logo, you may want to consider having it updated or even replaced by a professionally designed logo.

If you don’t want to have a professional design your logo, for whatever reason, you may want to think about sponsoring a logo design contest for health club members. After all, your own gym members know you and your fitness center quite well! Ask your own members to submit a logo design. You can either do all the judging yourself or you can post the entries in the fitness center and let the members vote on which design they like the most.

Use the best submission for your own health club logo. Members love a contest like this, and one talented gym member will have bragging rights that their design is on your shirts, sign, business cards, etc.

Of course, should you choose to sponsor a contest like this you’ll need to provide a prize for the winner. Something simple like $100 cash would probably work well. You may even want to award prizes for runners-up.

Of course, if you’re totally and completely out of cash and you still need a logo, you can always choose the third option which is creating your own logo from scratch. Although most health club owners (probably) don’t have graphic design experience, it is still possible to do a good job with logo creation.

Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to pay to have your homemade logo digitized and converted into multiple formats. Sign companies, print shops, and other business suppliers require you to submit your logo in a specific format so the chances are that even if you design your own logo you’ll be paying someone else to digitize it. In many cases, you’ll save money by hiring a discount professional in the first place.

Keep in mind that all good business plans require the use of a distinguished logo. The great logos of the world were not created by accident, but were produced by a professional. All health club owners, no matter how small, should carefully consider revising their business logo today.

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