Sunday, October 26, 2008

Curves Smart To Host Open House

Many of us have hosted an Open House to help generate interest in our health club. Although an Open House is usually tied to a grand opening, there's no reason why you can't have an Open House any time of the year! The Curves Community of fitness centers know this, and many Curves locations are using this knowledge to their advantage.

For example, check out this article about how a Curves frachise set up their Open House.

There are many good Open House ideas out there. For example, the Lincoln City Curves location mentioned in this article got it right by offering a membership discount valid during the Open House only. They also hit a home run by issuing a press release to the local media and getting some FREE publicity.

We would also suggest that you purchase and give away some FREE gifts at all Open Houses in your health club. Everyone loves to win something, and just the mention of a drawing or gift will bring in potential clients. The gifts and prizes don't have to be expensive, either! For example, you may want to consider some small candles from Candle Bay

When planning your event, don't forget to send out Open House invitations to everybody on your lead list. The more you can send out, the better! If you have a regular email newsletter that you're sending out (and you should!), then be sure to include an announcement there. You should also mail out postcard invitations. Mail these out to all previous gym members, as well as to everyone who has visited your fitness center but did not become a member. You can make these postcards yourself or use a service like PsPrint to get 50 4"x6" Postcards for under $20

Be sure to create a real Open House party atmosphere with decorations, music, and even some healthy treats. More is better, and remember that the goal is to bring people into the gym!

Finally, don't forget that on the day of the event you should be putting up Open House signs all over the neighborhood. Hey, it works for realtors! If you're planning to host two Open Houses each year (and you should!), then it might be worth it to invest in some professionally made Open House signs. Any local sign company can help you with that, or you can Shop Custom Signs Online at!

There are countless other Open House ideas you can use to make your event successful. You could consider bringing in a guest speaker to offer a FREE seminar for clients and potential clients. Another tactic is to invite your members to set up booths for their businesses! It will generate excitement for the event while at the same time create member loyalty.

The team recommends that you sponsor an Open House party twice each year. The first should be in January, which is by far the most profitable month for most health club owners. The date of the second Open House should be based upon your own local circumstances. It could be the anniversary date of when you opened your business. It could be tied to a local event like the annual summer parade, the local Cherry Festival, or whatever. It's up to you.

The bottom line is that many Curves locations are taking full advantage of Open Houses to gain new members, and you should be too. A well-planned Open House is an inexpensive way to gain some FREE publicity and boost health club revenue!

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