Thursday, November 6, 2008

Inexpensive Ways To Compete With The New Curves Smart Technology

The current economic recession is wreaking havoc for a lot of health club owners, and that's a fact. How are you responding to this economic depression we're in? Many Curves locations are trying some new tactics to retain memberships.

Curves is currently running advertisements about their new CurvesSmart technology, which provides up-to-the-minute feedback for gym members. Their new tagline is "I Am Curves Smart."

Curves is running "I Am Curves Smart" ads on television, radio, online and also in newspapers and magazines. The advertising campaign is the chain's biggest since it went national in 2003. According to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, Curves spent $19 million on U.S. advertising in 2007 and $9 million through July of this year (excluding online).

Here's what the Curves website has to say about their new CurveSmart technology: "CurvesSmart is a state-of-the-art personal coaching system that has been incorporated into our 30-minute circuit workout. Now every piece of equipment in our circuit is programmed with your body’s information to give you moment-by-moment feedback. CurvesSmart also automatically adjusts to your body’s endurance level so you stay continually challenged and achieve your potential on every machine, during every workout. CurvesSmart then automatically computes all of your workout data to produce detailed progress reports that show your overall muscle strength, your calories burned and how close you are to reaching your goals. It’s the knowledge and motivation you need to get the results you want."

Adding an expensive new technology to every piece of circuit training equipment in the gym may by beyond your budget. However, you can almost certainly afford to spice up the circuit by adding some new (and inexpensive) pieces of exercise equipment!

Here are a few circuit training ideas of how you can add some equipment to your existing circuit training program for very little money. Adding fitness equipment keeps the workout fresh and exciting for your members, while at the same time helping them achieve better results.

Adding dumbbells to a circuit is just a smart move. It's very inexpensive, and members that need some extra exercise can use them if they wish. Most gym owners are also personal trainers, and would have no problem showing members how to do some simple exercises using Weights / Dumbbells

Bodylastics exercise bands are also a quick and inexpensive addition to any circuit training program. Exercise bands like these are easily incorporated into the circuit as just another station. They're effective and will help your members GET RESULTS FAST!! with the #1 Compact Gym System

Another inexpensive option is to offer your advanced members a weighted vest to wear as they complete their regular circuit training exercises. Since they're so affordable, you can order several different sizes and weights. You haven't experienced difficult until you've done a circuit wearing a weighted vest! You can order a 20lbs weighted vest starting at $59!!! The MIR Fitness vest.

Of course, also offers some inexpensive circuit training program additions that you may want to check out.

Depending on your budget, you may want to spend a little more on adding some equipment to your health club. If you're looking to add a stand-alone piece of equipment that members could use before or after their regular circuit exercise, then you should at least consider the Total Gym. For as little as $399 you can add the Total Gym® Home Fitness Equipment - Over 1 Million Satisfied Customers. Get the Body You've Always Wanted!

Finally, don't rule out the possibility of buying used fitness equipment to add to your circuit training program. Searching sites like eBay or can help you pick up used exercise equipment at a fraction of the original price. We've even heard of circuit trainng health clubs bringing in fitness equipment they purchased at a local yard sale!

Remember that if you're part of a franchise, then you need to check your franchise agreement to see if you're allowed to add equipment. You should also notify your insurance company every time you add fitness equipment to your gym.

So while the Curves franchise may have their new Curves Smart program going for them, you can still enhance your own circuit training program for less cash than you expected.

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