Friday, October 16, 2009

Health Club Marketing Idea

If you've ever shopped in a grocery store that has those Catalina coupon machines at the checkout stands, then maybe you've received a coupon like the one pictured here.

The other day I was shopping in Albertsons, a local grocery store, and the Catalina machine issued me this coupon for the local Fashion Bug clothing store.

That got me thinking about health club marketing ideas and the owners of small circuit training health clubs can copy the marketing ideas of the "big boys".

Here's a revealing question for any small business owner: How many local businesses will distribute a coupon or brochure for YOU today?

If your answer was "none", then you have a problem.

In this economy, you simply cannot afford to sit and wait for new gym members to come to you. It's not enough to hope for the best. To achieve success (or even survival) you MUST actively seek out health club marketing ideas and promote your health club every day.

Getting back to the Catalina coupon I received at Albertsons, can you see the power of that marketing idea working? Fashion Bug is being promoted to the Albertsons customer. Maybe they paid for Albertsons to distribute their coupons (they probably did) but you can copy this concept without spending a dime!

What you need to do is exchange coupon promotion with another business in town. You'll pass out their coupons or brochures, and in exchange they'll do the same for you. Just think of how many potential NEW gym members will be exposed to your message this way! This health club marketing idea is a win for the other business, too, because they're of course interested in marketing to your existing clients.

The maximize the returns off this marketing idea you should choose a partner business that serves the same customer you do. If you're a health club for women only, then exchange coupons with another local company that serves women. A clothing store would be a good example. Since you're promoting health and fitness, you may also want to approach a health food store or vitamin shop.

Next you'll need to have the actual coupons printed. Keep them simple. Few people will take the time to read an entire brochure! We recommend using the ever-popular and low-cost business card, but instead of just putting your contact information on it you should turn it into a coupon. Check out this picture for an example, and on the "Courtesy Of" line you'll print the name of the business that is passing out these coupons for you. The best price we've found is VistaPrint where you can get FREE Business Cards

Now, do you REALLY want to kick this health club marketing idea up a notch? To take things to the next level, what you can do is give value to the other business. In other words, create a special offer just for them. This is particularly useful if you're having trouble getting a local company to partner with you.

For example, when ABC Health Foods is distributing your coupons to their customers you could give a discount to anyone who brings in their receipt from ABC Health Foods. This adds value to ABC Health Foods, and makes them look like the "good guy" who is going the extra mile for their customer.

The sky really is the limit with what this health club marketing idea can do for you! We've seen gyms run contests with massage therapists. We've seen fitness centers teach a class in a health food store, and we've seen coffee shops bring free healthy smoothies into a health club to give out samples.

Health club marketing doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, and it doesn't have to take up every moment of your spare time. The key is to get other people and other businesses to distribute coupons for you.

So, how many local businesses will distribute a coupon or brochure for YOU today?

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