Thursday, December 9, 2010

How To Sell More Gym Memberships

As a circuit training health club owner, you're always interested in selling more gym memberships. After all, that's how you get paid!

No doubt you've tried many different things over the years, from radio advertising to the classic "meet and greet" Chamber of Commerce functions. Perhaps you've even tried some of the ideas posted on our very own site.

But have you overlooked the most basic way to sell more gym memberships?

Have you forgotten that, as a gym owner, you need to be an absolute expert on health and fitness news?

When your gym members know that you're an expert on weight loss and other health issues, they will recommend you to their friends. People in the community will start saying things like "Oh, you should talk to Joe. He's my trainer at ABC Gym, and he knows all about this stuff".

That person comes into the gym and talks to you. Now you have two people telling their friends that you're a fitness expert. Those two people tell two more people, who tell two more people, who tell.....well, you do the math.

So how do you become an expert on health and fitness issues?

It's simple, really. All you have to do is read newspapers, magazines, and internet articles. Watch the news. Check out Google Health news, and do it every single day. Browse the internet for weight loss articles from reputable sources, and soon you'll know all about the latest health information. For example, do you know about the recent study that shows how just IMAGINING eating a fattening food can make you eat less of that food? You should.

If you're a lawyer, you continue to read publications and stay on top of recent court rulings. If you're a realtor, you know current market conditions and the sale prices of local homes. If you're a gym owner, then you need to know about health and fitness news.

For a listing of eight FREE publications for health club owners, click here. There's a wealth of information in these magazines.

For a great article on weight loss that's specific to this time of year, click here.

If your gym members are asking you how to choose a diet plan to lose weight fast, then search the internet for how to choose a diet plan to lose weight fast.

In short, do some homework. Do some research. Become a health and fitness expert. Soon you'll have a reputation, and that's how you sell more gym memberships.

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