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Sell More Gym Memberships With Groupon

If you're a circuit training health club owner, then chances are you're interested in how to sell more gym memberships. You're probably tired of trying to sell gym memberships the old-fashioned way, with newspaper ads and radio commercials. These methods cost thousands of dollars for limited results. Most likely, you've also tried some things that didn't work at all.

Well, you're about to be BLOWN AWAY by the new marketing tool that the team has discovered! It's called Groupon, and if you want to sell more gym memberships then you NEED to get started with Groupon TODAY.

Here's how it works. Groupon sends out an exclusive offer each day via email. These offers are targeted locally. Groupon members then decide whether or not they want to buy the coupon each day. Since a minimum number of people must buy for the offer to be valid, Groupon guarantees paying customers. These subscribers are not looking for “the perfect deal.” They’re looking for the perfect excuse to try something new. Groupon gets them to your business, and you bring them back again and again.

There are no out of pocket costs associated with being featured on Groupon. Instead, Groupon makes money by taking a piece of each Groupon sold. In other words, they only win if you win – and you know what you’re getting at every step of the process.

Gym owners, did you catch that? Not only does Groupon bring you in more customers, but when the promotion is over they send you a check for 1/2 the money raised through coupon sales! You pay ZERO up front! You get new customers AND you get paid! Signing up with Groupon is the biggest no-brainer in the history of the health club industry!

To become a Groupon member, just click here now. It's completely FREE, and you'll learn first-hand how effective and addicting Groupon is to the typical consumer.

The eager, young Groupon audience looks to Groupon as a city guide, pointing them to all of the great stuff they may have never tried, or maybe never heard about, right in their backyard. Customers find about about great new businesses, and businesses get more new customers than with any other form of advertising.

A Groupon feature puts you in front of thousands of subscribers in each Groupon city – with thousands more opting in each day. Groupon subscribers share your offer with everyone they know via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. This buzz will continue to attract new customers for months following your feature.

Circuit training health clubs who want to sell more gym memberships should consider these statistics from other businesses who have used Groupon:
1) 95% were satisfied with their Groupon experience.
2) 95% would use Groupon again.
3) 96% recommend Groupon to other businesses.

According to a recent business survey, 92% of businesses said that Groupon brought in quality customers and 89% said those customers were likely repeat customers.

So do people use Groupon? According to a recent subscriber survey, 66% of Groupon subscribers read the coupon email every day. Groupon members are also habitual users of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media tools so they'll tell other people about your health club too!

The best way to get started is to join Groupon yourself as a subscriber to their daily email. It's completely FREE, and you're under no obligation to buy anything, ever. Click here to get started. Once you have a feel for their program, then you can apply to get approved as a Groupon business. Be advised that Groupon is so successful that, in many cities, there is literally a waiting list to be a featured business! Not all applying businesses are accepted, either. Groupon is so white-hot right now that they can afford to be choosy!

That's the bottom line. You will sell more gym memberships with Groupon than you ever thought possible, so why not get started today before your competitor reads this article?

Still not convinced? Then read this real testimonial.....

The Globe and Mail

Published on August 20, 2010 by Amber MacArthur

Jen Best admits she isn't the most technical person in the world, but when her website designer suggested in June that she check out a new service called Groupon she was curious. After spending thousands of dollars on traditional advertising, without much success, she was keen to promote her tea shop to a brand new community. The 34-year-old entrepreneur sifted through the group buying site for a few days, and like many of the site's members, she got hooked. Best contacted Groupon and then went through the process of applying to get Steeped and Infused as one of the site's daily deals, which she says involved a lengthy selection process to determine if her brand was a good fit for the service's 130,000 Toronto subscribers.

On Tuesday, Groupon featured Best's shop, offering a $20 gift coupon (or “Groupon”) for just $8. Best admits she thought they might reach a couple hundred orders, but by 8 a.m. on Deal Day, 350 buyers had already signed up. By midnight, when the promo ended, consumers had bought 950 certificates.

“It's the most effective marketing dollars I've spent yet,“ Best says. As for the revenue split, Groupon takes 50 per cent of the money paid for the coupon and sends Steeped and Infused a cheque (Best didn't have to pay any money upfront).

Groupon is an amazing success. The site launched in 2008 and although the company is based in Chicago, they now serve more than 13 million subscribers in 29 countries. The company is your classic overnight success story, and is bound to explode into the public consciousness thanks to a recent Forbes magazine article that calls it one of the fastest growing computer companies ever. (An interesting aside -- still in its early days Groupon’s twitter profile only has a little more than 7,000 followers. Check back in a week to see how that’s changed).

Just today, the site's founder and CEO Andrew Mason is speaking in Vancouver about a Gap deal they featured on Thursday (a $25 coupon worth $50 credit in any North American Gap store), which was Groupon's first national promotion. According to some reports, Groupon sold more than 445,000 vouchers, leaving them with a hefty profit.

Today is Best's first anniversary at her Leslieville store (there is another Steeped and Infused in downtown Toronto, which is licensed to another owner). As she explains, it's not easy for small businesses fighting for pedestrian traffic in an up-and-coming neighbourhood, so the Groupon deal was like marketing magic. The tea promotion was such a success, Groupon has invited the shop to be a platinum member, which means they can do a featured promo twice more within the next year (this is a big deal since Best explains there is a two-month wait for Toronto businesses to get on the list as one of Groupon's daily deals).

“I would encourage any small business owner to use Groupon,” Best explains. “You get to gauge how your marketing dollars are spent and they can create exposure for your business that you can't create on your own.”

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