Wednesday, May 16, 2012

National Curves Day Is A Great Gym Marketing Idea

Attention women's only circuit training gym owners! Are you aware that May 13 through 19 is National Women's Health Week? If you read our article How To Sell Gym Memberships In May then you're aware of this already, AND you have some good ideas to help you take advantage of this event.

(In case you missed this article, simply scroll down to the blog post below this one.)

National Women's Health Week is simply too good an opportunity for the circuit training health club owner to pass up. Curves knows this, and they've taken this event to a whole new level with their National Curves Day.

In honor of National Women's Health Week, Curves is giving away one million 30-day free memberships. That's huge! The usual stipulations apply (new members only, cannot be combined with any other offer, etc.).

Curves is hammering this idea with tons of advertising, and I'm sure the consumer response will be tremendous. If the Curves marketing machine is running full steam (as usual), my guess is that every woman joining for their free month will go onto a specific "lead list". They will be carefully tracked, and will be given an offer similar to this one: "Join Curves before your 30-day free trial membership ends and we'll take 50% off the regular registration fee".

If I were running a Curves gym, then I would also send each trial member on that lead list a postcard in the mail reminding them of that offer. Then, about a week before their 30-days is up, I would give them a phone call to remind them that their 50% off registration offer is about to expire. Basically, I would attempt a minimum of four sales attempts during that free thirty per week.

Smart Curves gym owners will also take that specific lead list and send any remaining non-joiners one final postcard. This should be mailed a couple weeks after their 30-day trial has ended, and should say something like "Miss us? We miss you too! Bring in this postcard for 40% off regular registration. Offer expires in ten days".

There are a million ways to create a gym marketing plan around National Women's Health Week. The idea of National Curves Day is just one idea. It's a good one, but it's not the only way to float this boat! Many circuit training health club owners can come up with even more creative and effective marketing ideas. They key is, however, that you actually have to DO IT. Get started NOW! It's almost too late.

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(By the way, has absolutely no affiliation with Curves. Our mission is to help ALL gyms and health clubs be more profitable and more successful. Sometimes we do use Curves as an example, but that's because they do a lot of things right. After all, they're the biggest circuit training gym for women on the planet and they didn't get that way by being stupid.)

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