Friday, June 1, 2012

Health Club Marketing Ideas For June

Wow! It's June already, and that's when business starts to slow down for most gyms. June is when the weather really gets warm and people are more apt to get their exercise gardening, jogging or hiking. That leaves even less time for gym memberships!

Smart health club owners know that they can't back off the marketing and advertising in June. Indeed, it may be a good time to put even more effort into your marketing program!

Need some ideas? Just click here to read our 100% original article titled "How To Sell Gym Memberships In June". In this article you'll find a half-dozen great ideas to help you sell more health club memberships.

Want another low-cost marketing idea? June is also when your gym members are bringing out the BBQ and having some picnics. A good marketing idea is for you to help them create a healthy BBQ. plan that they can use all summer!

Think about how powerful that idea can be IF it's implemented properly.....

To fully maximize this idea, the first step is to announce a BBQ for all gym members. But it's not a "regular" BBQ with all the fatty foods, piles of chips and oceans of high-calorie drinks. Instead, this BBQ will be completely healthy.

To make it more fun for everyone (and guarantee that you don't have to buy all the food) make it a potluck BBQ, requiring that everyone attending bring something to eat. The rule is that whatever you bring has to contain less than 300 calories per serving (or 200, or whatever).

As the gym owner, you'll provide the location (outside the gym), the BBQ(s), the tables, the chairs and probably the eating utensils.

On the day of the BBQ, have a panel of judges pick the winning food entries. You could award a prize for best tasting, lowest in calories, and most innovative. Use your imagination and have fun! Give out the awards, take a lot of pictures, and make sure everyone learns that a BBQ doesn't have to pack on the pounds.

After the BBQ, you'll want to announce the winners in the gym newsletter or on the bulletin board. Another good idea is to copy and distribute the winning recipes.

You'll also want to write and print up some articles explaining how to host a healthy BBQ. Leave these in the gym so everybody can pick one up.

Okay, so what does this health club marketing idea accomplish? First of all, the members who attended had a fun time. That's always good for member retention! Secondly, they're all going to have healthier BBQ meals all summer long. When Jane tells her friends that she learned this awesome and healthy recipe at her gym, that's some tremendous word-of-mouth advertising! Finally, this marketing idea probably got you some free publicity. After all, you DID let the local media know about the BBQ and invite them to attend? Right? If not, don't despair. You can always submit some photos and the article about how to host a healthy summer BBQ. Odds are good that the local newspaper will run that article and include a photo, even though the event is over.

If you need some healthy BBQ ideas, just click here to read a short but informative article. This is one we wrote a while back and yes, you DO have our permission to copy and distribute it in your gym.

Here's to a successful (and profitable) month of June!

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Jackson Brown said...

As we all know that the gym business are in recession during month of June. During this time they have spend more time on their marketing ideas. It is great for all the people who joins your gym in future.


Anthoney said...

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