Thursday, May 16, 2013

Increase Member Retention with "Teachable Moments"

One of the best ways to create loyal gym members is to become their reliable source for health and fitness advice. When they feel that you, the health club owner, are on their side in the fight against fat then they'll be far more likely to recommend you to friends and remain a happy gym member.

A great way to become a reliable source of health and fitness advice is to review the daily news and turn current events into "teachable moments" for your gym members. For example, today the New York Daily News ran this story: "Worse than fast food? Meals at independent restaurants average over 1,300 calories a plate, study finds". (read more:

As you're probably aware, articles and studies like this are a dime-a-dozen. Just about every health and fitness magazine has done a similar article, and for good reason. This stuff SELLS. People are interested about fast food nutrition. People want small, sound-bite nuggets they can use to make healthier choices in their everyday lives. (Hence the runaway success of the "Eat This, Not That" books.)

So how do you use current events to increase member retention? How do you become a reliable source of health and fitness advice by using current events?

The easiest way is to write short, informative articles and distribute them to your gym members. Come up with a clever name "Jane's Nutrition Blast" or "Notes From The Weight Loss Boss". Distribute these short articles as a handout in the health club, by email newsletter, by posting on your site and by posting on your Facebook page. Get 'em OUT THERE and make sure each one includes your gym name and contact information.

When you've been doing this for a while, you'll gain a reputation as a gym owner that ALWAYS knows what's going on with health and fitness news. Gym members will come to you FIRST for advice on the latest weight loss story or gimmick or fad, and you'll be the local expert! Don't be surprised if word eventually gets out and you have the local media asking you for quotes or opinions!

Need an idea to help you get started? Here's a link to an article about fast food and weight loss, which coincidentally is in the news today.

The bottom line is that using teachable moments to help your gym members lose weight will inevitably increase member retention and turn you into a local fitness expert. Eventually you'll have a growing library of AWESOME articles.

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