Friday, May 16, 2014

Change Stations Now CD Download

BIG NEWS! Our most popular change stations now CD is available as a digital download for the first time! Many of you who own a circuit training health club similar to Curves have requested this change stations now CD as an audio download, and we're glad to say that finally you can download it for just a fraction of the original cost! 

To purchase this file for just $2.99, click here.

This cue CD download is titled "60 Second Cue Change Stations, Female Voice, No Heart Rate Check" and has the following description: This CD simply says "change stations" at 60-second intervals, and is perfect for use with the Zumba circuit-training format featured at many health clubs where gym members exercise for 60 seconds on a machine and then perform Zumba for 60 seconds. 

To purchase this file for just $2.99, click here.

Converting our extensive library of audio cue CD’s and posting them online for such a dramatically reduced price isn’t going to be cheap. Want to speed up the process so we post more files faster? You can help by spreading the word to your friends who may also be interested in our circuit training change stations now CD audio files. The more we sell, the faster we’ll be able to post new files for download.

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