Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Health Club Systems Design

Let's be honest. Most gym owners try the "hit and miss" approach to business. They try newspaper advertising, but that doesn't immediately work so they move on to something else. They try a new referral program, but that doesn't work immediately either so they move on to something else. They try....well, you get the idea.

What most fitness center owners need is a system. A system that will pay big dividends time after time, regardless of the market.

Here's the bad news: we don't know which health club system will guarantee you great results.

Here's the good news: we DO know that there's a health club system that will guarantee you great results.

We just don't know which one it is.....and neither do you.

The fact of the matter is that nobody, unless they also own a successful health club in your market, can tell you for sure which health club system will work in your area. Each and every market around the country is different, so what works in NY may not work in CA.

So what's a gym owner to do?

We highly recommend that you check out the following resource:

Bedros Keuilian Health & Fitness is an awesome tool for one reason and one reason only: here you will find a variety of fitness center systems strategies that you can put into practice immediately. Will all of these systems be right for you? Of course not. But one of these systems will be right for you.

The www.cuecd.com team is also a big supporter of FREE health club systems design tools. That's why we give you so many FREE articles for gym owners and managers, which you can access by clicking here: http://www.cuecd.com/articles.asp

What health club system works for you? Let us know and we'll share your story with other fitness center owners!

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