Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Accepting Credit Cards Is Essential For Health Club Success

Regular readers of the newsletter, website and blog know that we're always seeking ways to help you earn more money and make your health club more successful.

That's why we were more than concerned when we heard that some gyms are still not accepting credit cards!

Honestly, we thought this was a business basic that didn't need any explanation.

The ability to handle credit card processing is absolutely essential to doing business in 2008. You simply must have the ability to take credit card numbers as payment!

As a gym owner, your credit card processing company must be able to handle recurring billing. Most circuit training health clubs sign folks up for an annual membership which is billed monthly, so you will need the ability to handle that type of payment.

You will also want to control credit card processing from your computer. This will help you avoid excessive equipment fees!

Finally, if you've set up a website and you're interested in selling items on that site, then you'll want internet payment processing.

If you're like the typical fitness center owner, then you'll want to shop around until you find a company that handles credit card processing for small business and ALSO meets the three criteria listed above (recurring billing, no equipment fees, internet processing).

The company we recommend is Electronic Transfer, Inc. which offers a Merchant Account with a Free Shopping Cart

We like Electronic Transfer because they offer the following features at NO extra charge:
1) FREE Merchant Account Application
2) FREE Recurring Billing Service!
3) FREE Web Link Shopping Cart!
4) FREE online sales tracking and reporting
5) FREE extremely stiff fraud screening and protection
6) FREE increased cash flow - no long waits!
7) FREE ACH/Online Check Processing set up to instantly increase the size of your customers' purchases!
8) FREE automatic daily batching!
9) FREE automatic email receipts to you and your customer, so that you both stay on top - this drastically cuts down on useless administrative work, saving you tons of cash!
10) FREE real-time instant approval or decline both online and offline (yes, you can accept credit card orders offline, too!)

While the Electronic Transfer system is proven to be reliable, we also suggest that you do your homework and find the credit card processing company that's right for you. After all, our main concern is that you're able to accept credit card numbers as payment for your health club memberships!

Again, the company we recommend is Electronic Transfer, Inc. which offers a Merchant Account with a Free Shopping Cart

Our best suggestion is to conract Electronic Transfer for a quote, then check out other credit card processing companies so you can compare and make an intelligent decision.

No matter which company you choose, the ultimate goal is that you MUST be able to handle credit card processing our you will fall behind in the business world.

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