Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Curves Community Cares (and gets paid!)

It's no secret that some Curves locations are experts at publicity and public relations. The Curves franchise does a pretty good job of educating their health clubs on how to get media coverage.

For example, take a look at the media coverage Curves gyms received just today.

First of all, Curves smartly chose to support several non-profit organizations. Check out this article titled: Lakeville Curves to walk in 'Making Strides'

Other smart Curves locations are teaming up with proven national winners like Easter Seals: Curves and Easter Seals team up to raise funds in Orillia

Finally, Curves gym for women has brought in a national celebrity to support yet another cause: Olivia Newton-John Partners With Curves To Distribute The Liv(R) Breast Self-Exam Aid To 1 Million Women

There's no doubt that the Curves community has done well when it comes to getting FREE publicity while helping the neighborhood.

So, the question is, if Curves locations can do it.....why can't you?

If a Curves gym can get a FREE article in the newspaper, get a FREE spot on the local television news, and get a ton of FREE goodwill from the locals, then why can't every other health club do the same?

If you need some good advice on how to generate FREE publicity for your fitness center, just like Curves locations are doing, then you need to get our Sales Manual.

It's only $49 bucks, which isn't much when you consider that just one new member will more than pay for the manual!

Hey, the entire Curves community has this same information, and they're getting all the FREE publicity they can handle! Why shouldn't you get the same?

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