Thursday, September 11, 2008

Use Printed Door Hangers For Advertising

Not too long ago I came home from work and found that I had a yellow Post-It note stuck to my door. Automatically, I thought it was a notice that I had missed a UPS delivery. But that wasn't the case. Instead, the note was from a local realtor trying to drum up some business (see the picture).

While I'm not really looking to buy or sell a home, I do appreciate the footwork this realtor is putting into their business! It's not really innovative, but it is admirable to see someone out there using a tried-and-true method to generate leads.

This realtor is basically just using a variation on the usual door hanger advertising technique, which is one of the oldest marketing gimmicks around. Using door hangers for advertising has been working for years, driving new sales for many different industries.

When's the last time you distributed door hangers for your own gym? Look, if it's been so long that you can't even answer that question, then it's time you GET BUSY with some serious dour hanger distribution!

Although you're probably not going to find free door hangers out there anywhere, having door hangers printed is not nearly as expensive as you'd expect. That's why it's such a cost-efficient advertising tool.

One of the best door hangers printing deals we've found is this: Door Hanger Printing in Full Color at PsPrint - 8 cents each!

Of course, the realtor that left a Post-It note on my door was saving even more money because he didn't even buy a full door hanger! Instead, he just had his message printed on personalized Post-It notes. Not only is this smaller and less expensive than traditional door hanger paper, it's also far easier to distribute door to door.

For a great price on personalized Post-It Notes, go here: 25% off Personalized Post-it® Notes!

It should now be obvious that it's not the door hanger printing that's expensive, but perhaps it's the door hanger distribution costs that are prohibitive.

There are a few options you can use to get your new door hangers directly to your customer base. First of all, you can distribute them yourself. Simply walking from house to house, you'll find that ON AVERAGE you can deliver about 100 door hangers per hour.

If you have employees, you can also certainly send them out to deliver door hangers for you. Be aware, however, that they may require supervision so they're not tempted to throw the door hangers away and take an extra break instead!

Yet another option would be to have some trusted health club members help you with door hanger marketing by walking the area as a group and putting ads on local doors. You can even play this up big-time by emphasizing the healthy aspect to the extra walking! You should also consider awarding your 'member helpers' a one-month free pass.

Finally, you can recruit friends and family to help you distribute door hangers free of charge.

While you probably cannot print AND distribute door hangers free of charge, it is still true that door hangers provide tremendous bang for the marketing buck!

So, to re-state the title of this blog post: YES, You Absolutely Should Use Printed Door Hangers For Advertising!

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